Auto Accident Lawyer for Kentucky and Indiana

Each year auto accidents injure or kill millions of Americans.  Causes of accidents include texting, distracted drivers, drunk driving, fatigue, and aggressive driving. Approximately 40% of car wrecks and crashes are fatal and involve alcohol.  If the automoblie accident occurs between midnight and 3 am the percentage increases to 75%.  Different types of car accidents involve: head on collisions, rollovers, rear-enders, side impacts, and more. Car wrecks are the number one and most deadly source of personal injury in the world.  The percentage of being involved in a car crash or auto accident increases by 400% if one is talking on a cell phone.

Auto Accidents Cause:

-Brain injuries and brain damage that include bruising, bleeding, tearing and swelling:

-Spinal injuries that include bulging disc, herniated disc, nerve impingement, damage to the motor and sensory pathways, injury to the center of the cervical area of the spinal cord, injury to the right or left side of the spinal cord, loss of sensory and motor function, and bruising:

-Orthopedic injuries that include: broken or fractured bone, strained or sprained muscles, or torn ligaments and tendons:

-Burns affecting the skin or burns that affect the airway:  and

-Pain that includes traumatic pain an injury or wound caused by an external force and/or mental pain such as post traumatic stress disorder.


Everyone should have equal access to the legal system.  I represent clients on a contingency basis which means you will pay no up-front fees or out-of-pocket expenses, and you only pay an attorney fee if I win or settle your personal injury lawsuit. The Shunnarah Law Firm has a proven track record recovering millions of dollars of compensation for our clients.  I have over 30 years of trial experience.  We will thoroughly investigate your lawsuit and work to develop the strongest and most persuasive case possible.


The trauma from an auto accident will require expensive medical treatment, harm your ability to work, and cause severe pain and suffering.  In many cases  injuries are permanent.  We can help you answer those important questions.  Can I get medical treatment?  Who will pay my medical bills?  How can I provide for my family if I can not work?  If my injuries are permanent, how will I get by?   Which doctor should I go to?    


1.  Do not sign anything until you have contacted the Shunnarah Law Office.  You could be releasing your claim; 

2.  Call the police and if you are able, collect as much info as possible right after the accident, for example the name of who hit you and names of any potential witnesses;

3.  If you are seriously injured, have the police call Emergency Medical Services (EMS), go to the hospital emergency room, and then make an appointment with your doctor immediately.

4.  Notify your insurance carrier of your accident as soon as possible, your policy will have a provision that failure to timely notify it of the claim may result in denial of coverage.

5.  Do not give any statement to the insurance company.  Their goal is to deny your claim.  My goal is to help you recover the money you deserve. 

6.  Keep a journal. It can be difficult down the road to remember how painful your injuries were right after the accident.



In Kentucky the general rule is the Statute of Limitations requires a lawsuit for injuries from an auto accident or semi-truck accident be brought within two years of the accident or two years from the last payment of BRB/PIP benefits, not to exceed four years from the date of the accident.  It is essential that you contact an auto accident attorney within that time period or you may be barred from filing your claim.  There are exceptions to the general rule, therefore it is always recommended you contact The Shunnarah Law Firm immediately after the collision.   


In Indiana the general statute of limitations for an auto accident or semi-tractor trailer accident is two years from the date the injury occurred.  However there are exceptions for example if a “Governmental Entity” is involved a claim must be filed within 180 days.