What is a Wrongful Death case?

The law authorizes a lawsuit on behalf of a person who died as a result of the intentional, negligent or reckless act of another person. Typically a family member is designated as administrator of the decedent’s estate. The Administrator may file the lawsuit on behalf of the estate.


-Auto Accidents: negligent and drunk drivers

-Medical malpractice: negligence of doctor, or other medical provider, treatment or diagnosis

-SUV Accidents: rollovers

-Van accidents: rollovers

-ATV Accidents: rollovers

-Bus Accidents: negligence of bus drivers and lack of seat belts in school buses

-Boating Accidents: usually involve alcohol, negligent operation, excessive speed

-Drowning: second leading cause of death of children, usually because of negligence

-Toxic poisoning: exposure to hazardous substances

The accidents and issues mentioned above are only a few of the incidents may cause death and that give rise to a wrongful death lawsuit. Additional causes include slips and falls, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, airplane accidents, defective medical devices and criminal acts.

What compensation can be recovered in a Wrongful Death case?

The law allows a that the estate of the deceased person, and the surviving spouse, parent or child may recover the following in a Wrongful Death case. Damages for the estate may include:

-Medical and funeral expenses incurred by the death of the victim

-Pain, suffering and mental anguish caused by the victim’s death

-Loss of future earnings anticipated over the lifetime of the victim

Damages for a family member of the deceased may include:


-Financial support

-Parental support

-Mental distress

-Emotional pain

-Loss of wages

Punitive damages may also be awarded if the act was willful, wanton, or malicious.

Wrongful Death Lawyers

We at the Shunnarah Law Office understand that no amount of money can ever replace a loved one lost in a fatal accident. In addition, we are well aware that the loss of a loved one also can place serious financial burdens on the surviving family members. If you believe a family member was the victim of wrongful death, it is very important that you contact a wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible. The statute of limitations for wrongful death cases varies from one to three years from state to state and we as your lawyer will need time to gather evidence and file the appropriate paperwork before this deadline lapses.